How to Achieve Balance in Life

I love to work. I love my job and I actually enjoy being busy over relaxing. So naturally, I used to be someone who lived a very unbalanced lifestyle. 

I used to think that spending more time working would make me better at my job, and lead to success. However, after shifting my lifestyle, I realized that taking steps towards having balance leads to more success and happiness. 

To me, balance means that you free up headspace to allow for more growth and success in all areas of your life, including professional. 

Today I'm going to share some tips on how to achieve balance in your life:
1)            Prioritize your happiness: I'd like you to list your priorities for me right now. Where do YOU fall on the list? Who and what are you prioritizing over your own happiness? A year ago, I found that I wasn't focusing on my own happiness at all. Happiness was a coincidence, something that happened when things went well, or when I did something fun. But it wasn't a goal of mine. Once you prioritize your own happiness, you'll make changes in your life that you should've made a long time ago.

2) Exercise: Physical activity is key to your physical and mental health. If the weather is warm enough and you like to run, make time to go outside. Being out in the world (away from your desk) for 30 minutes a day is rejuvenating. Going to the gym is also fun -- I love to lift weights and challenge myself. Working out makes me feel a sense of accomplishment right at the start of my day.

3) Diversify your activities/interests: Focusing on one thing and one thing alone is unhealthy. If you have a full-time job that you love, like I do, it's still important that you focus on other things. Otherwise, you'll find yourself burnt out. If you only have one focus, you'll go up and down with the highs and lows of that focus. You'll have no outlet or distraction to escape from it. This year I started spending my free time writing my novel and starting this blog. Both have become creative outlets that have enriched my life and brought me happiness. I also have been painting and reading a lot more.

4) Develop strategies to be more efficient at work: I know what you're thinking, how can I have time to do all of this?? The answer is you do have the time. You just have to become more efficient at work, which in fact leads to better quality work. When I was spending countless hours working before, I was not delegating properly, and not creating a realistic schedule for myself during the workday. Now, every morning, I make a schedule that considers the hours I have in the day, and abide by it. I work fast, prioritizing tasks appropriately, delegating, and asking for help where I need it. Just a note that I also think working efficiently comes with time. Now that I've mastered the tasks at my job I spend less time deciding what needs to be done and more time executing.

5) Meditate: I know, I know. It's cliche. But meditating has changed my life. Check out my post on "Meditation Benefits and Tips for Beginners" for some tips on how to start meditating. Taking this time for yourself (and it doesn't have to be a long time!) is key to happiness and understanding more about yourself.

6) Find Joy in Learning New Things: If you're annoyed with having to learn a new task at work, shift your perspective. Aren't you lucky to have the luxury to learn new things? I love new challenges at work. I have also started listening to more podcasts and reading with the intention of learning new things. Before this year, I was so singularly focused that I didn't make time to appreciate the work I was doing, and all the expertise I was gaining at my job.

Creating balance is a journey, and one that will never be perfect. Of course I still work on weekends sometimes, of course I don't exercise every single day. But the key is taking small steps to change your life.

Comment if you have tips on how you maintain balance in YOUR life! Or ask a question about how you can become more balanced. I'd love to hear from you!

Xo Kathryn

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