10 Steps to Landing your Dream Job

Hi everyone! Since the company where I work (Cognitive Consulting) is currently hiring new consultants, I've been thinking a lot about how to land your dream job. Ok, let's get started! Below are my tips.

10 Steps to Landing your Dream Job: 

1) Think about your interests: What did you like to do when you were young? What was your favorite school subject or hobby? Going back to my youth always reminds me of my love for writing. I always knew that writing needed to be a part of my life, whether it be my full-time job or side hustle.

2) Prioritize your needs: Is money your #1 priority in a job? Or are you looking for a job that makes you feel fulfilled? If you're looking for your first job, think about the field you are going into. You may not be starting at a high salary, but is there potential for growth?  Browse glassdoor and google for industry salary averages. My recommendation is to find a job where you are fulfilled, and there is potential for salary growth as well. You want to have something stable, but also do not want to a go into a field just for the money and later quit because you are miserable doing the work.

3) Tailor your resume: Hiring managers are looking for applicants with skills that will be relevant to the job tasks. Do research on the company you are applying to. What kind of work do they do? Do you have related work/internship experience or skills? If so, make those stand out on your resume. Most hiring managers glance quickly at resumes, so you get one initial shot to make it clear that you are a fit for the job.

4) Understand that rejection is not personal: Rejection is common and can be for many reasons. The position you were applying for may have gotten filled before you even had the chance to interview. Or even though you are qualified for the job in general, your skills may not be a fit for the particular manager that is hiring. For example, if a manager's skill sets match yours exactly, that might not be a good thing. Managers are looking for someone to fill gaps in their abilities.

5) Be willing to work hard: If you want your dream job, it's not going to usually happen right away. You may have to go through many jobs in order to finally land the one you want. Work hard at every job you get, even if you do not like what you are doing. You will likely learn transferable skills that you can ultimately take with you to your dream job.

6) Never expect perfection: No job is perfect. Your dream job will likely make you stressed and upset at times. This is normal, as life is not perfect. Just because you've found your dream job does not mean that you will be happy with it all the time.

7) Maintain balance in your life: Do not dedicate yourself solely to your job. Even if you land your dream job, make sure you have other interests and relationships that you are cultivating in your life. If you put 100% of yourself into one thing (no matter what that is), it will become a burden.

8) Keep setting your sights to the future: Once you're in a job that you like, make the most of it. Figure out what the growth path is and pinpoint expertise you want to develop. If something in your job challenges you, work hard to master that task until you get it right. Once you do, it won't be so scary. If you approach your career as a never-ending growth experience, you will always improve and never get bored.

9) Be grateful for what you have: With anything in life, it's all about balance. There will likely come a point in your career where you don't want to switch jobs anymore to find the perfect fit. Look at what you have. Is it perfect? No. But is is interesting and fun for you at least half the time? Do you like your coworkers (this is very important, as your coworkers can make or break your work experience)? If you have much to be grateful for at your job, stay.

10) Do not settle: To counter my previous point, I want to state that you should never settle in a job you dislike. If you find yourself constantly justifying why you are staying, listen to that pull inside you. Close your eyes and let yourself know if your job is the right fit for you. You already know, just listen to yourself.

Please feel free to share additional thoughts and tips in the comments!

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