Tips for Planning Your Ideal Honeymoon Trip

Planning your honeymoon is a bit daunting because of the expectations. You're likely hoping it's the most romantic, magical trip you've ever taken. Not to worry, you can plan a honeymoon that will be beautiful, relaxing, and romantic.

Tips for planning your ideal honeymoon:

1) Plan the honeymoon together with your partner: It's OK (and probably easier) if one person takes the lead on planning. However, make sure that the person leading the plans does not dominate every single decision. Both partners should have the opportunity to select activities they want to do. The trip should be a shared fun experience for both of you.

2) For at least a portion of your trip, choose a destination you have not visited before: You want to get out of your comfort zone a little bit on your honeymoon. Let yourself experience something that you've never seen before. For my honeymoon, I had the opportunity to see beautiful Cinque Terre and the Amalfi Coast for the first time.

3) Plan activities ahead of time: You don't want to have to think too much on your honeymoon. You want to wake up with decisions already made for you. Plan out a daily itinerary before you leave for your trip that you can follow.

4) Do not be strict about adhering to your schedule: Even though you should make a plan ahead of time, this does not mean you have to follow it every step of the way! Your honeymoon is a time of freedom, where you want to live in the moment. Have your itinerary as a guide but do not feel compelled to follow it. If you wake up one day and just want to relax, you don't have to go to the 3 museums you put on your schedule!

5) Don't be afraid to splurge: It's OK to try that expensive restaurant that overlooks the ocean. You'll love it. It's your honeymoon. It's a time to splurge, don't stress about it.

6) Bring a journal: This is a trip you're going to want to remember forever. Write down the activities you did, and maybe even create a scrapbook when you get home!

7) Leave time for yourself or spend a day with another couple: If you go on a long honeymoon (i.e. 3 weeks like I did), you're probably going to want to spend a day or two with another couple that you meet, or sort of alone. This is normal and should not make you feel like you failed in your marriage. It's natural to want to spend some of your honeymoon chatting with other vacationers, or to spend time by yourself reading or writing in your journal.

8) Understand that not everything will go your way: One of our first days in Rome, it poured. We couldn't find a taxi line and walked forty minutes in the rain. It was miserable. But we still remember that day fondly, because we did that together.

Romantic Dinner in Positano, Italy

Rain on our honeymoon in Rome, Italy
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